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YOU TUBE- By Lisbeth Fernanda Cardona Paz


YouTube is an Internet portal that allows users to upload and view videos. It was created in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, who met while working at PayPal. A year later, YouTube was acquired by Google in 1,650 million. This platform has an online player based on Flash, the format developed by Adobe Systems. One of its main innovations was the ability to display video streaming, ie without downloading the file to your computer. Users, therefore, can select which video they want to see and play it instantly.

                                     USAGE OF THE TOOL FOR TEACHING

The great value that can provide you tube ne teaching and learning, is just taking it as a prop to illustrate and expand through the audiovisual language, concepts and academic units that the student presented during class or outside it. It is a way of extending the classroom to centers learning spaces such as home or internet cafe.
with this tool you can:

1. Upload and download videos.
2. share, classify them.
3. Post them on blogs or websites
4. Send them by mail, comment
5. subscribe to user accounts
6. Send personal messages, participate in groups
7. See Stats visits
8. Design your own favorites list


It is essential to instill in the student and generate a new culture and mindset to use these spaces as youtube, from a standpoint of expansion and generation of new knowledge and fun, which is the most popular use is youtube.
Youtube opens the doors to a wonderful world of opportunities and alternatives for education, where the teacher can combine effectively use video to make more enjoyable your classes, provide lots of references and start a gradual process of linking the TICsen their teaching practices.


1. PowToon: Which Program was designed video


2. Link youtube:

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