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A short presentation of the tool

Blogs: It is a website in which one or more authors publish texts or articles chronologically, the most recent appearing first, and where the author always retains the freedom to publish. A blog can be used to publish own ideas and opinions of others on various topics. Also we can add resources such as images, YouTube videos and Slideshare presentations, many blogs are personal diaries, ranging in length from brief notes to extended essays; many are on topics of general interest or concern, such as a hobby or political issue.
 A paragraph telling the way you would use the tool for teaching
Taking account that a blog can be used to publish own ideas and opinions of others on various topics. I would use this tools for share the ideas from every student and I would use a blog for a class where can develop a discussion around a topic. , and for better teaching I would use the topics of general interest by students.  And this way the students to express their individual thoughts and also comment on the opinions of others students.  
A paragraph telling the importance of using this tool
Blogs are an increasingly important communication tool in social, work and academic contexts. The most blogs are text based but often combine the text with images and links to websites and other blogs and media related to its topic and therefore the blogs are interesting and interactives, A blogs can be a two-way tool that allows interaction between the writer and the reader with facilities for people to comment or offer feedback on what the blogger has written. Other importance is that the blog is a personal publishing tool that means any individual or group can publish on the web and receive feedback from others. Moreover the Blogs are easier to use, so you only have that you have an email in Gmail register and making an entry, the only thing you have to do is to click “Write” in the administration menu and then start writing, after you have written a post, you need to tag it so that other people can find it easily. And the most important is that a multi-author blogs is that say that you can also have a blog set up so that it can be shared between many users a blog can have many authors in the same blog and this way we can create collaborative works.
Blogs in Education, Instructional Technology Center at the University of Houston:

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