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Website What's E-learning By Nini Secue

As it is well known the e-learning or electronic learning refers to the acquisition of knowledge and skill using electronic technologies such as computer- and Internetbased courseware and local and wide area networks.
However this concept has constantly been redefined by people or group or people who have particular purposes.
According to Hughes (2009) it is a much broader concept than the Computer Based Training or Computer Aided Instruction which first appeared in the 1980s and more all embracing than ‘On- line Learning’, which appeared a decade later (with the growth of the World Wide Web) and refers to web-based learning.
The last ten years has appeared a huge range of related terms – on-line learning, web-based learning, technology based training, technology enhanced learning – the list is endless. The purists insist there are important distinctions between them and this may be the case. In practice, a lot of people use the terms interchangeably and still manage to communicate with each other perfectly well so don’t worry about it.
Here we have some types of tools of e- learning:
Blogging: A personal publishing tool that means any individual or group can publish on the web and receive feedback from others. Enables you to embed resources such as images, YouTube videos and Slideshare presentations.
Micro blogg: Enables you to stay in touch and update your contacts on where you are and what you are doing. Usually formatted to respond to the question “Where are you now...” or “what are you thinking...” with a strict limit (about 140 – 150characters) on the length of the response.
Wikis: A collaborative tool for setting up easily edited  websites which have content added and amended by readers.
Podcasting: Making and broadcasting your own audio and video material on the web so that others can listen or download your work. 
Screen capture and screen casting: Instantly captures and shares images on your computer screen and enables you to add audio.
Video hosting and sharing: You can upload and store videos using webcams, camcorders and mobile phones and allow others to share them. You can also search or browse videos made by others and comment on them.
 Presentation sharing: If you create presentations using Keynote or PowerPoint you can store them, tag them and share them on-line. You can make them availably publicly, privately, downloadable or not and can synchronize them with an audio file.
 Social bookmarking: You do not need to store your bookmarks in your browser any longer. You can tag them, store them on-line and share them with others.
Collaborative slideshows:  Using PowerPoint presentations and pictures, you can create an audio slideshow and audio comments can be left by others.

THE LINK THE WEBSITE: Nini Johanna Secue Collazos: cc: 1062311902
email: johannasecue@mail.com

YOU TUBE- By Lisbeth Fernanda Cardona Paz


YouTube is an Internet portal that allows users to upload and view videos. It was created in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, who met while working at PayPal. A year later, YouTube was acquired by Google in 1,650 million. This platform has an online player based on Flash, the format developed by Adobe Systems. One of its main innovations was the ability to display video streaming, ie without downloading the file to your computer. Users, therefore, can select which video they want to see and play it instantly.

                                     USAGE OF THE TOOL FOR TEACHING

The great value that can provide you tube ne teaching and learning, is just taking it as a prop to illustrate and expand through the audiovisual language, concepts and academic units that the student presented during class or outside it. It is a way of extending the classroom to centers learning spaces such as home or internet cafe.
with this tool you can:

1. Upload and download videos.
2. share, classify them.
3. Post them on blogs or websites
4. Send them by mail, comment
5. subscribe to user accounts
6. Send personal messages, participate in groups
7. See Stats visits
8. Design your own favorites list


It is essential to instill in the student and generate a new culture and mindset to use these spaces as youtube, from a standpoint of expansion and generation of new knowledge and fun, which is the most popular use is youtube.
Youtube opens the doors to a wonderful world of opportunities and alternatives for education, where the teacher can combine effectively use video to make more enjoyable your classes, provide lots of references and start a gradual process of linking the TICsen their teaching practices.


1. PowToon: Which Program was designed video


2. Link youtube:

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WEBSITE By Yamile Calvache


A website is a tool used to present any kind of information through internet, in this opportunity I will share with you a tool I created, it’s a website developed to help student’s in starter level of English, they will find very basic information as alphabet, numbers, colors, family members, etc. The site provides a video to improve student’s learning in listening and reading, also provides an activity were they can practice through games the vocabulary presented in the video and, at the end of the activities, they can record a vocaroo file with their pronunciation to be send it by the provided link in order to check their oral skills.


As you may see, this is an excellent tool for teaching, we may design topics for our classes as the one presented here.
The idea of this website is to provide the student the necessary technological tools to improve their English learning beyond classroom, provides the necessary information to achieve better language development in English learning by practicing the four basic skills as listening, speaking, reading, writing.


As I said before, this tool is useful to any kind of business or service you may think of, in this specific case, as an example, if you’re an English teacher, you must face different kinds of students and different levels in their second language learning, using this tool you will ensure your student’s several strategies to help them with their language improvement.

Check the website for a class 






I Would use this tool to:
      Prepare the classes
      Create topics
      Design activities

      Create tutorials to explain about any topic, activity or issue

About teaching:
I would like that learners use it as a notebook for each activity. It´s as a portafolio.
In this way they and me can interactue and share knowledge. So, others students can follow to your partners and make corrections or suggestions to the different activities. 


All Web 2.0 tools are very interesting and important at the educative environments due to the learners are in direct contact with the internet.
Also are tools which there is an interaction without the distance or the time.
In this way, the use of Slideshare is very important because we can get an environment to share knowledge through a didactic tool. The learners or teacher can do or design the activities in any format and then they can share them. Like this everybody have the information and make your comments or suggestions.


      TACCLE. Teachers’ Aids on Creating Content for Learning Environments. The E-learning Handbook for Classroom Teachers.

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 A blog by Claudia Vallejo
Resultado de imagen para blog

A short presentation of the tool

Blogs: It is a website in which one or more authors publish texts or articles chronologically, the most recent appearing first, and where the author always retains the freedom to publish. A blog can be used to publish own ideas and opinions of others on various topics. Also we can add resources such as images, YouTube videos and Slideshare presentations, many blogs are personal diaries, ranging in length from brief notes to extended essays; many are on topics of general interest or concern, such as a hobby or political issue.
 A paragraph telling the way you would use the tool for teaching
Taking account that a blog can be used to publish own ideas and opinions of others on various topics. I would use this tools for share the ideas from every student and I would use a blog for a class where can develop a discussion around a topic. , and for better teaching I would use the topics of general interest by students.  And this way the students to express their individual thoughts and also comment on the opinions of others students.  
A paragraph telling the importance of using this tool
Blogs are an increasingly important communication tool in social, work and academic contexts. The most blogs are text based but often combine the text with images and links to websites and other blogs and media related to its topic and therefore the blogs are interesting and interactives, A blogs can be a two-way tool that allows interaction between the writer and the reader with facilities for people to comment or offer feedback on what the blogger has written. Other importance is that the blog is a personal publishing tool that means any individual or group can publish on the web and receive feedback from others. Moreover the Blogs are easier to use, so you only have that you have an email in Gmail register and making an entry, the only thing you have to do is to click “Write” in the administration menu and then start writing, after you have written a post, you need to tag it so that other people can find it easily. And the most important is that a multi-author blogs is that say that you can also have a blog set up so that it can be shared between many users a blog can have many authors in the same blog and this way we can create collaborative works.
Blogs in Education, Instructional Technology Center at the University of Houston: http://awd.cl.uh.edu/blog